15 Country Kitchen Declutter Tricks

If you’re like me and you have a panic attack anytime you come home and realize your countertops are covered with crap, then this is a good read. I’ll admit that on occasion, this home decor nut becomes a bit overwhelmed when it comes to attempting to decorate a specific spot in my home. My countertops have been one of those overwhelming tasks. I’ve tried to include links to similar decor items for you to purchase easily. Normally, my links come from Amazon just because I find the best deals there most of the time. Hope these stylish declutter tricks make your day.

from a bowl full of lemons

This is my favorite idea because right now those vintage wire baskets have been all the rage. I know I am head over heels for this look. It gives me that feeling of a country home.

from voguehome

This little shelf idea is perfect if you have lots of backsplash space. I love the jars that can hold just about anything from flour to sugar.

from HGTV

I absolutely love how this corner space isn’t wasted at all. It just makes me happy to see floating shelves like this.

from redoityourselfinspirations

I know this isn’t something that fits on a countertop, but I had to share this. It’s a flea market flip I believe, but it’s an absolutely perfect way to store your fruit and vegetables keeping your countertops free of another clutter problem.

from decortoadore 

I am obsessed with these tiered trays and glory if they weren’t so expensive, I’d have them all over my house. Okay, maybe not, but the design possibilities are absolutely endless.

from little country home

Here’s another favorite decluttering idea. This has a Joanna Gaines written all over it and I absolutely love the vintage scale. These are easy to come by at any good old fashioned antique store, but can range from $40 and up.

from lemonade makin momma

This is a great way to get your mail out of the way and off of your countertops. I’ve tried plenty of ways to keep my mail out of my face and where does it end up? Right on the counters.

from a decorated life

I love this one. The crate is country and everything inside of it is being used for some type of kitchen duty so it isn’t wasted space being taken up on your counter.

from rusted bliss

I love, love, love this little shelf. The wire boxes are a perfect touch for creating that country look.

from lures and lace

This little coffee stand is perfect for disguising that hideous kureig. I hate my husband’s and try all the time to hide it in a cabinet. He finally won this battle and I styled the area in a way that appealed to me.

from designsbyashleyknie

Here’s a little location in your kitchen that could be absolutely gorgeous. That Ashley Knie sure knows how to style it country.

from over the big moon

I chose this unique piece because it just looks country and an easy DIY project for anyone.

from addicted to DIY

Who can resist this produce rack with those stylish wire baskets?

from top cool DIY

These mason jars have been painted from the inside out and it really makes them come to life.

source unknown

This is a great and easy way to organize your utensils and even some dishes.

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