Brilliant Ways to Earn and Save Money

Have you been looking for ways to save money, but never know where to start? I’ve tried many ways to save money and been very successful at it. I’ve created a growing list below. If you have never been a saver, don’t try to do all of this at once, it will be too overwhelming. Take you time and do it right.

  1. First off, you need to open a separate savings account that isn’t as easy for you to get your hands on. For example, Discover has a savings account that is easy to apply for but a little harder to take money out of. I just opened one and it’s perfect for saving because it’s money that I’ll keep hidden from myself.
  2. Sell some of your clothing (you don’t wear), or jewelry on Poshmark. Once you’ve done this, take that extra $200 or so and put it into that hidden savings account.
  3. Don’t be a procrastinator. If you’re wanting to save money to pay off debt, do it. If you have things just lying around that you don’t use, pick them up, take some pictures and put them on Ebay. These are tedious tasks with packaging and all, but that couple hundred extra dollars is well worth it in the end. Of course, drop this into your hidden savings account as well.
  4. Set yourself up on a budget, your spouse as well. Allot money for specific items each month. There’s no reason a new pair of shoes has to be purchased every single month. Let’s get serious people.
  5. Download these two apps, Ibotta and Checkout51. They can be annoying as heck to use sometimes, but it’s well worth it when you save $30+ over the course of a few months. Once you acquire this money, drop it into your hidden savings account.
  6. If you shop at Wal-Mart, download their app. They’ve got a savings catcher section that allows you to scan your receipt and the app looks for any items you purchased that might be sold for a better deal down the road. You are then given some money if that’s the case. It usually only totals up to about $40 over the course of a year, but that’s money we would’ve lost and it gets dropped into our hidden savings account.
  7. Shop frugally. Clip coupons out of that trashy stuff that comes in your mail each day and use them! It’s okay to buy the knock off food brands, but keep in mind that not all tastes are equal.
  8. If you have a baby that’s still in diapers, download the Huggies app and use it. If you purchase wipes or diapers, scan your receipt and they’ll give you points that you can earn that can be used for gift cards or free diapers and wipes!
  9. Download the On the Go Survey App. This one can be a little time consuming, but it pays you to take random surveys. It’s not much, but it adds up at the end of a year and all of this random cash can be put into your hidden savings account.
  10. Start a shop on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s and go from there! The possibilities are endless with this website. You don’t have to be a teacher to join!
  11. If you are a state employee, sign up for deferred comp to begin increasing your retirement. This is offered to state employees in my state. Other states aside from Kentucky may be a little different. Deferred comp basically is a set amount, that you set, that comes out of your check each month into a semi-savings account. The reason I say “semi” is because this is a mutual type investment. Yes, your money is being put into the “real” stock market. It’s a risk, but it will gain more interest than a savings account.
  12. Don’t eat out all the time! We all know it’s easier then making a huge mess in the kitchen, but if you do it all the time, you could easily end up spending thousands each year eating out. Every once in a while can be a special treat.
  13. If you have a credit card and are dead set on keeping one, make sure it earns you cash back rewards. It’d be pointless to have one that doesn’t. The cash back rewards can be used for gift cards or to pay on your account. This is perfect for Christmas time!

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