DIY Southern Bench for Entry Way

Sometimes decorating can be a bit overwhelming. It isn’t too overwhelming if you just focus on one area at a time. For instance, I focused a corner in my kitchen that was missing something. We needed a little more seating and a bench would fit perfect. This southern style bench is perfect for an entryway or to fill a space that needs a little love in the decor department. This bench is actually in my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. It really helps when we have company as well. You may be wondering where I found such a beauty. Let me just tell you, I looked high and low for something unique, ya know, something that wasn’t perfect in every way or made out of particle board. This bench is truly one of a kind because it was built by my husband as a birthday gift for my 30th.

I showed him a picture of something I sort of liked and he got busy sketching it out. He used pine to build the bench from the ground up and I absolutely love how it turned out. The stain we used on it was American Living that you can get at Lowes or Wal-Mart. I bought some pillow covers and the throw from Amazon and found the letter “B” at Hobby Lobby for $15. It’s actually decorated for Christmas here. The garland came from Joann’s when they were having a huge sell one year. The tree I actually found at Hobby Lobby as well for $5 during an after Christmas sell!

If you want these same pillow covers and the gray throw, you can find them on Amazon using the links below! This is exactly where I purchased all three from!

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5 Wooden Crate Projects for Storage and Style

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, try using your walls to add some more storage using wooden crates! This would work great in a kids room, a pantry area, entry ways, or even in a living room. If you own a store and want to give it a little more rustic appeal, this is the way to go especially right behind your cash register area. It would really draw attention to your shop.

You can find old used crates at Flea markets for pretty cheap. If you hit up antique shops you’re looking at spending a little more. Want something new? Try checking out craft stores such as Michael’s or Joann’s or even Home Depot. Amazon also offers these wooden crates unfinished for a descent price.

Kid book storage idea from

DIY ironing station from

Bathroom towel shelving from

Stow your shoes away in style and rid yourself of that pile in the entry way from

Entry way storage saves the day from

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DIY Entryway

I am absolutely obsessed with old furniture and I love to go to yard sales and antique places. I love when there is so many old, rustic items to look at that I get all jumpy inside and can’t contain myself. My ultimate goal is to decorate my entryway from our garage door into our kitchen which meets close to our back door. That was somewhat confusing. Long story short, we added onto our home (biggest DIY project ever for us by the way) and our house is laid out a little differently. So my hubby is currently working on building me an entryway bench (he can do anything with wood) that will go just wonderfully with my country styled home. I love to decorabenchte in rustic ways and I absolutely love to watch HGTV and all those other shows that teach me how to do things. They actually end up making me want to go on long adventurous hunts for furniture that I really don’t need. Laughing moment. My husband and I are absolutely in love with DIY projects. I truly hope that when my bench is complete, I can contain my excitement when posting a fresh picture to show all of you. I know he’s going to make it just the way I want it and I just can’t wait. Some really great places to shop for rustic furniture are:

TJ Maxx: this place is the most wonderful place in the world and it has some great finds!

Lowes is a great place as well as the Home Depot to buy your wood for those DIY projects!



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