15 Country Kitchen Declutter Tricks

If you’re like me and you have a panic attack anytime you come home and realize your countertops are covered with crap, then this is a good read. I’ll admit that on occasion, this home decor nut becomes a bit overwhelmed when it comes to attempting to decorate a specific spot in my home. My countertops have been one of those overwhelming tasks. I’ve tried to include links to similar decor items for you to purchase easily. Normally, my links come from Amazon just because I find the best deals there most of the time. Hope these stylish declutter tricks make your day.

from a bowl full of lemons

This is my favorite idea because right now those vintage wire baskets have been all the rage. I know I am head over heels for this look. It gives me that feeling of a country home.

from voguehome

This little shelf idea is perfect if you have lots of backsplash space. I love the jars that can hold just about anything from flour to sugar.

from HGTV

I absolutely love how this corner space isn’t wasted at all. It just makes me happy to see floating shelves like this.

from redoityourselfinspirations

I know this isn’t something that fits on a countertop, but I had to share this. It’s a flea market flip I believe, but it’s an absolutely perfect way to store your fruit and vegetables keeping your countertops free of another clutter problem.

from decortoadore 

I am obsessed with these tiered trays and glory if they weren’t so expensive, I’d have them all over my house. Okay, maybe not, but the design possibilities are absolutely endless.

from little country home

Here’s another favorite decluttering idea. This has a Joanna Gaines written all over it and I absolutely love the vintage scale. These are easy to come by at any good old fashioned antique store, but can range from $40 and up.

from lemonade makin momma

This is a great way to get your mail out of the way and off of your countertops. I’ve tried plenty of ways to keep my mail out of my face and where does it end up? Right on the counters.

from a decorated life

I love this one. The crate is country and everything inside of it is being used for some type of kitchen duty so it isn’t wasted space being taken up on your counter.

from rusted bliss

I love, love, love this little shelf. The wire boxes are a perfect touch for creating that country look.

from lures and lace

This little coffee stand is perfect for disguising that hideous kureig. I hate my husband’s and try all the time to hide it in a cabinet. He finally won this battle and I styled the area in a way that appealed to me.

from designsbyashleyknie

Here’s a little location in your kitchen that could be absolutely gorgeous. That Ashley Knie sure knows how to style it country.

from over the big moon

I chose this unique piece because it just looks country and an easy DIY project for anyone.

from addicted to DIY

Who can resist this produce rack with those stylish wire baskets?

from top cool DIY

These mason jars have been painted from the inside out and it really makes them come to life.

source unknown

This is a great and easy way to organize your utensils and even some dishes.

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5 Flea Market Hacks that will make you Money

When I was a kid, I had no interest in the flea markets. Why? Because my family never introduced me to them. I had no idea that you could get such unique finds at much cheaper prices. I didn’t realize until my early adult years that you could get so much awesome stuff for your home at the flea market whether they be for DIY projects or to use as is.

And whether you’re looking for some items for DIY, organization, or just to make your home a little more complete, you’ll probably find it at a flea market or even a yard sale!

Now below are some great tips I found from different posts I found online. I really appreciate the great content these lists have, so I thought I’d link to them and give credit to their awesome ideas for flea market finds and flips. Before I get started I want to add that one of the best paints you can use for redoing your items is chalk paint! It’s perfect for adding some color and rustic touches to your pieces and very easy to work with. Have fun!

25 Totally Transformative Flea Market Flip Ideas











I don’t know about you, but this rustic kitchen island found at a flea market sure makes me want to cut some fruits and veggies!

Flea Market Flips : Before and Afters

This lady is awesome. The table she repainted a light turquoise color is just gorgeous! Find the budget decorator

Farmhouse Decor from Repurposed Flea Market Finds

This is a very unique find from prodigal pieces. Everything to do with farm house decor here and unique ways to use items in your home at cheap prices.

34 Times Flea Market Finds Gained New Life as Upcycled Home Decor

Here’s another one from country living. These people are just so talented.

FLEA Market FLIP from HGTV

Okay, this is an HGTV show, but this article is a great place for great ideas! You don’t have to find the exact pieces featured in any of these articles to have the perfect piece. These ideas are for inspiration and if so be it, you happen to find an exact match, then you’re lucky.

Good luck with your flea market finds and flips!


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DIY Southern Bench for Entry Way

Sometimes decorating can be a bit overwhelming. It isn’t too overwhelming if you just focus on one area at a time. For instance, I focused a corner in my kitchen that was missing something. We needed a little more seating and a bench would fit perfect. This southern style bench is perfect for an entryway or to fill a space that needs a little love in the decor department. This bench is actually in my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. It really helps when we have company as well. You may be wondering where I found such a beauty. Let me just tell you, I looked high and low for something unique, ya know, something that wasn’t perfect in every way or made out of particle board. This bench is truly one of a kind because it was built by my husband as a birthday gift for my 30th.

I showed him a picture of something I sort of liked and he got busy sketching it out. He used pine to build the bench from the ground up and I absolutely love how it turned out. The stain we used on it was American Living that you can get at Lowes or Wal-Mart. I bought some pillow covers and the throw from Amazon and found the letter “B” at Hobby Lobby for $15. It’s actually decorated for Christmas here. The garland came from Joann’s when they were having a huge sell one year. The tree I actually found at Hobby Lobby as well for $5 during an after Christmas sell!

If you want these same pillow covers and the gray throw, you can find them on Amazon using the links below! This is exactly where I purchased all three from!

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