#1 Tip for an Amazing Aroma in your Home

Ever wonder how your neighbors do it? Or your sister-in-law does it? If you love candles, then keep reading. That sweet scent you smell right when you come home from a long day at work. You can smell it even when you haven’t been home for an entire day! Now that’s amazing. I actually have finally been able to achieve this goal of mine. The absolute best way to get your home to smell great is to go out and buy your very first Candle Berry Candle. Yes, I know, they’re expensive and you’re thinking I’m cra-cra right now. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The best scent they have that is my absolute favorite of all time is Hot Maple Toddy. It is absolutely the best southern scent I can think of. This scent gives your home a gorgeous scent that will last hours and sometimes days even if you haven’t burned the candle. These candles are amazing and you will love how they make your home smell. I’ve included a link straight to the Hot Maple Toddy scent for you. Enjoy!


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Christmas Decorating made Easy

Do you need your decorating finished in one evening or day? If you answered yes to this and you hate to decorate, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created a list of what you’ll need to make your home look like a Christmas Inn without breaking the bank and killing yourself in the process.

Yes, I’ve started my decorating already! I am excited to say that I am finished and it only took me about four hours. Along with the help of my four year old, we were able to get all the wreath’s hung, the bench area decked out, the tree up and decorated, and my garland out. I’ve found some amazing inspirational pictures online and can’t wait to share my home with you as well! My moose pillows are absolutely my favorite. My mother-in-law purchased these for me from Kohl’s a few years back and I just love them!

What you’ll need:

Moose Pillows or flannel checkered pillows (Kohl’s)


White Strung Christmas lights for the tree (Wal-Mart, Target)

Anything Galvanized gives that rustic look

A variety of Garland’s (4 strands) (Joann’s, Hobby Lobby)-I use these over my doorways, around the fireplace, etc.

Christmas Picks for your table-I have mine in a wooden box (Hobby Lobby)

Christmas throw-red to throw over your couch (can find one anywhere)

Christmas colored rugs for the kitchen area

This is my lisnt and everything I have in my home which is right at 2,000 square feet and I feel that I have plenty of decor to make it feel like Christmas time is here. I wouldn’t mind to add a few items on top of my cabinets, but that costs money and those items can come with time.


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