5 Simple Ways to Earn Cash Fast

If you’re short on cash or just need a little extra to stash away, there are plenty of resources out there that will earn you some money fast. Our world has transformed into a fast-paced, internet driven society and this platform is where you are going to make all of your cash fast. If you are driven and dedicated, you can do this. I’ve compiled a list of 5 simple ways to make money fast and each one of them is something I’ve embarked upon and succeeded while doing. I’m not going to lie, the road has had it’s ups and downs, it does take dedication. I’ve made it this far and so can you!

  1. Whether you’re a teacher or not, you can start creating teacher resources and begin selling them on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s! This  is not a joke, you can really earn some cash with this marketplace. Sign up today, it’s free to get started and see what you can do!
  2. Place your teacher created resources on TeacherSherpa. This marketplace is a little new, but well worth the chance if you are willing to take the time to upload your resources and put forth a little effort. You earn a designated commission for each download of one of your items.
  3. Sell your services. If you are good at something such as showing others how to manage their money or website development, then start a website using Bluehost along with WordPress. You can be a consultant for people. Start off doing free gigs just to get your name out there. Once you’ve made your mark on the world, begin pricing your work.
  4. Sell your handmade items on Etsy. I sell digital cards on this marketplace that I edit for my customers and send to them in a digital format when I’m finished. I only make around $500 extra a year with this marketplace, so it isn’t much, but every little bit helps. I also don’t put forth much effort as this isn’t my favorite interest in life.
  5. Last but not least, Poshmark is a great way to earn fast cash! I can’t stress this enough. If you have baby clothing lying around, depending on the brand and condition, it will likely go like hot cakes on this app. If you have name brand clothing and shoes lying around that you don’t ever wear or you just need to purge your closet, this App is for you! I’ve made about $300 since November of 2016. I know that’s just around a $100 per month, but that is cash from items I didn’t use anymore. I simply started selling random clothing items from around our home that the baby or my toddler couldn’t wear anymore as well as some of my clothing and shoes I just never wore. You simply take a picture and write some details and your items can be posted within minutes. Use the link above to download the app (you will want to use your phone) and use the code GHZQF when you sign up to get $5 in Posh cash to use towards earnings or first purchase!

I hope this post will help you make some cash fast.

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Budgeting on a Dime

If you are considering a budget and you’re always broke, don’t panic. You’re considering a budget because you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you want to figure out where your money is going each month. One way or the other, you’ve noticed you aren’t able to save a dime. Most of us are paid every two weeks or once a month. I know we quickly realized after two children came along that we were living paycheck to paycheck each month and we decided to make a budget. We weren’t dedicated at first because we were used to being free spenders with no children. We recently sat down and actually wrote out a budget on paper hoping that this would help us stick to it. We have! I’ve developed a few tips below to help you begin budgeting and how we are doing with our budgeting.

  1. Find budgeting forms to help get you started when writing your budget on paper. Keeping it on paper in a designated location is really going to help you figure out where your money goes each month. The Budget Mama has a really good FREE book that provides you with some printable worksheets to use when creating your budget.
  2. Be willing to make a change. Of course, living on a budget doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the good life, but it does take dedication and hard work. If you want to figure out where all your money is going, you’ll have to start somewhere.
  3. Cut back on things you waste money on such as television. We all know that cable is far to expensive these days. It’s actually way overpriced. We have been married almost eight years and have never had cable or satellite. We did get Netflix as it came into popularity, probably about four years into our marriage, which runs us about $10 a month. We both feel that beats the heck out of $100+! If you wear expensive makeup or perfume, be willing to make a sacrifice in this area as well. Let’s face it ladies, a $50 Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is far too much to pay!!!! I am not guilty of this just yet and probably never will be. I’ll admit, I used to be, but two children changes your perspective on life.
  4. Save for specific things such as vacations or those property taxes that come up right before Christmas or those car insurance/tax bills that come due at the exact same time. I promise it’s going to happen. Every November, we are bombarded with $1500 in extra miscellaneous bills (property taxes, car taxes and car insurance) and I was never ready for them until this last year. I kept a separate account hidden all year just for these bills and it didn’t make me feel broke right before Christmas.
  5. Keep your random coins!! We all joined in with saving our coins and ended up having over $300 in loose change last year that we put towards Christmas gifts! It’s so simple to save change, yet something that is commonly forgotten! I really wish everyone in America would send me one penny. Haha
  6. Do NOT get into further debt or venture into any debt especially if you don’t have any! A house is a necessity and should likely be your only debt especially if you are making payments to own your own place someday. Here’s an example of what not to do. Don’t be tempted to buy a brand new car. I’ll just be upfront with you, I did it. I guess I just had to experience the feeling of buying a brand new car and boy was I dumb back then. I wasn’t raised that way. I had always driven used cars, wrecked cars, that me and my dad rebuilt together. I have no clue what I was thinking, but I was young and dumb is all I have to say. Don’t do it! There are very nice cars out there for a lot less!

This list is going to keep growing! We ourselves are on the track to saving and budgeting the right way. We’d love to hear your stories of budgeting!


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Brilliant Ways to Earn and Save Money

Have you been looking for ways to save money, but never know where to start? I’ve tried many ways to save money and been very successful at it. I’ve created a growing list below. If you have never been a saver, don’t try to do all of this at once, it will be too overwhelming. Take you time and do it right.

  1. First off, you need to open a separate savings account that isn’t as easy for you to get your hands on. For example, Discover has a savings account that is easy to apply for but a little harder to take money out of. I just opened one and it’s perfect for saving because it’s money that I’ll keep hidden from myself.
  2. Sell some of your clothing (you don’t wear), or jewelry on Poshmark. Once you’ve done this, take that extra $200 or so and put it into that hidden savings account.
  3. Don’t be a procrastinator. If you’re wanting to save money to pay off debt, do it. If you have things just lying around that you don’t use, pick them up, take some pictures and put them on Ebay. These are tedious tasks with packaging and all, but that couple hundred extra dollars is well worth it in the end. Of course, drop this into your hidden savings account as well.
  4. Set yourself up on a budget, your spouse as well. Allot money for specific items each month. There’s no reason a new pair of shoes has to be purchased every single month. Let’s get serious people.
  5. Download these two apps, Ibotta and Checkout51. They can be annoying as heck to use sometimes, but it’s well worth it when you save $30+ over the course of a few months. Once you acquire this money, drop it into your hidden savings account.
  6. If you shop at Wal-Mart, download their app. They’ve got a savings catcher section that allows you to scan your receipt and the app looks for any items you purchased that might be sold for a better deal down the road. You are then given some money if that’s the case. It usually only totals up to about $40 over the course of a year, but that’s money we would’ve lost and it gets dropped into our hidden savings account.
  7. Shop frugally. Clip coupons out of that trashy stuff that comes in your mail each day and use them! It’s okay to buy the knock off food brands, but keep in mind that not all tastes are equal.
  8. If you have a baby that’s still in diapers, download the Huggies app and use it. If you purchase wipes or diapers, scan your receipt and they’ll give you points that you can earn that can be used for gift cards or free diapers and wipes!
  9. Download the On the Go Survey App. This one can be a little time consuming, but it pays you to take random surveys. It’s not much, but it adds up at the end of a year and all of this random cash can be put into your hidden savings account.
  10. Start a shop on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s and go from there! The possibilities are endless with this website. You don’t have to be a teacher to join!
  11. If you are a state employee, sign up for deferred comp to begin increasing your retirement. This is offered to state employees in my state. Other states aside from Kentucky may be a little different. Deferred comp basically is a set amount, that you set, that comes out of your check each month into a semi-savings account. The reason I say “semi” is because this is a mutual type investment. Yes, your money is being put into the “real” stock market. It’s a risk, but it will gain more interest than a savings account.
  12. Don’t eat out all the time! We all know it’s easier then making a huge mess in the kitchen, but if you do it all the time, you could easily end up spending thousands each year eating out. Every once in a while can be a special treat.
  13. If you have a credit card and are dead set on keeping one, make sure it earns you cash back rewards. It’d be pointless to have one that doesn’t. The cash back rewards can be used for gift cards or to pay on your account. This is perfect for Christmas time!
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5 Flea Market Hacks that will make you Money

When I was a kid, I had no interest in the flea markets. Why? Because my family never introduced me to them. I had no idea that you could get such unique finds at much cheaper prices. I didn’t realize until my early adult years that you could get so much awesome stuff for your home at the flea market whether they be for DIY projects or to use as is.

And whether you’re looking for some items for DIY, organization, or just to make your home a little more complete, you’ll probably find it at a flea market or even a yard sale!

Now below are some great tips I found from different posts I found online. I really appreciate the great content these lists have, so I thought I’d link to them and give credit to their awesome ideas for flea market finds and flips. Before I get started I want to add that one of the best paints you can use for redoing your items is chalk paint! It’s perfect for adding some color and rustic touches to your pieces and very easy to work with. Have fun!

25 Totally Transformative Flea Market Flip Ideas











I don’t know about you, but this rustic kitchen island found at a flea market sure makes me want to cut some fruits and veggies!

Flea Market Flips : Before and Afters

This lady is awesome. The table she repainted a light turquoise color is just gorgeous! Find the budget decorator

Farmhouse Decor from Repurposed Flea Market Finds

This is a very unique find from prodigal pieces. Everything to do with farm house decor here and unique ways to use items in your home at cheap prices.

34 Times Flea Market Finds Gained New Life as Upcycled Home Decor

Here’s another one from country living. These people are just so talented.

FLEA Market FLIP from HGTV

Okay, this is an HGTV show, but this article is a great place for great ideas! You don’t have to find the exact pieces featured in any of these articles to have the perfect piece. These ideas are for inspiration and if so be it, you happen to find an exact match, then you’re lucky.

Good luck with your flea market finds and flips!


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How to Start a Blog using WordPress and Bluehost

I’m Casey. The gal behind a DIY Kinda Life. I wanted to share my beginnings as a successful blogger as I feel that I went through so many avenues to get started. I’ve had so many ideas in the past, it’s unbelievable what I’ve done. I will go ahead and tell you, if your goals are to make money online, then you will need to spend a little money to make it. I spent years avoiding paying for hosting, etc., and I regret that move since I realize now I could’ve been ahead of the game a long time ago.

This has honestly been my most successful attempt at starting a website. I have been able to get my site going by starting with Bluehost. I have always been with the Blogger platform from day one and I have came to the realization through my experience with Bluehost and WordPress has been so much smoother. Of course, it took me a few extra days to catch on to the different ways of the WordPress world, but it was all worth it. I have a stunning website that my readers can easily navigate with no blogger platform problems.

Click here to start a WordPress blog through Bluehost. Through this link you will be given several offers to join a plan that Bluehost has. It does offer you the option to pay monthly, but you will be paying a lot more if you don’t sign up for the 12 month plan. They offer more signup options. Don’t be shy, at first I was skeptical, but I finally took the plunge and it has been well worth it. Bluehost is one of the top companies for website hosting of 2016 and I’m excited to offer you this same opportunity.

I will go ahead and tell you that going through WordPress can cost you a fee for a theme that fits your specific needs. Most themes range from $25 to $49 each, but there are thousands of free themes that WordPress offers (my very theme is free since I have my own domain) and they are it’s very professional looking! You can customize most to fit your needs. A premium theme is going to give you what you want exactly, no customizing required.

I hope that I’ve made your life easier in the web hosting world. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. The Bluehost customer service is also great to work with and they will answer any questions that you may have.

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