5 Creative Ways to Organize and Style your Craft Room

Let’s face it, we all enjoy our happy space which is usually our craft room. If your room is like mine, it ends up being the catch all. Yep, mine is right near the garage entryway and it catches everything. I want to take a stand and keep my room looking as extradinare as these! I tried to include links to some of the items found in these pictures! I hope you can go places with these ideas!

Grab some pegboard at Amazon below!

This craft room is just perfect, full of color and perfect for finding a place for your cricut. If you have one of those, sometime it feels like it sticks out like a sore thumb on your counter. With all the color that’s been incorporated here, you can see it blend right in.

From Something Turquoise

This is my favorite way to incorporate a cricut into a craft room. The turquoise shelf beside the desk is adorable.

Check into getting your first Cricut machine

From by Dawn Nicole

I love how this incorporates this old rolling cart in coral and I love the colors. The IKEA rolling cart is also a perfect addition to this room! Check into the IKEA rolling cart below. It’s somewhat hard to come by through IKEA due to the pricey shipping, but such a great addition!

from Craftaholics Anonymous 

I love how simple this is and yet so refined. It makes this room feel rustic, yet it would go with any style of home.

from Examined Existence

There’s a lot of green here, but I love how the old shutters were used for storage as well and the old window as decor is a great touch!

from I Pass You

I hope you can take some of these ideas and make your craft room your happy place! Take that craft room back and claim it as yours! Happy organizing!


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5 Wooden Crate Projects for Storage and Style

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, try using your walls to add some more storage using wooden crates! This would work great in a kids room, a pantry area, entry ways, or even in a living room. If you own a store and want to give it a little more rustic appeal, this is the way to go especially right behind your cash register area. It would really draw attention to your shop.

You can find old used crates at Flea markets for pretty cheap. If you hit up antique shops you’re looking at spending a little more. Want something new? Try checking out craft stores such as Michael’s or Joann’s or even Home Depot. Amazon also offers these wooden crates unfinished for a descent price.

Kid book storage idea from Hellobee.com

DIY ironing station from craftaholicsanonymous.net

Bathroom towel shelving from Foliver.com

Stow your shoes away in style and rid yourself of that pile in the entry way from Goodhousekeeping.com

Entry way storage saves the day from countryliving.com

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Honey Do List Just for You

We all have a lot of things going on in our lives and we just can’t seem to keep it together. I’ve got a million things on my honey do list. My poor husband. Owning a home puts a lot of pressure on both husband and wife. It can take up a lot of time just mowing the yard, keeping the garage clean, cleaning the pool, or even washing the house that hasn’t been washed in seven years. I have to keep a list to keep myself as well as my husband organized for each month. I simply get onto my Mac, go in Power Point and we fill out the month together of things we want to accomplish for that month. Sometimes we complete the items, sometimes we get most of them and sometimes we don’t get nearly enough completed, but this sure helps to keep us organized.

I’ve included the Honey Do List that we use! It’s completely editable for all y’all out there. All you need is some basic knowledge of Microsoft Power Point and you’re good to go! Have a great fall!

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