5 Steps to an Eye-Catching Cover Page

Let’s face it, your cover page is what sells your product and if it’s not attractive you’re going to lose a lot of sales. Attractiveness isn’t what it’s all about, of course, your product needs to include some quality content, but that cover page is going to gain the attention of a potential buyer. I’ve created this short post to get you started with creating an eye catching cover page. How-To videos are coming soon! The five steps you’ll need to follow in order to create a great cover page are:

  1. Invest in clipart-this is going to pay off in the long run. Clipart will help you sell your product and it’s something you can include in your actual product, not just on the cover page.
  2. Think bright-there are a lot of women who shop on TpT and other teacher sites so it is a good idea to make your covers bright. If you think bright, you’re going to catch the attention of a lot of teacher’s out there.
  3. Take your time-doing this will help to make you the perfect cover pages. Create your own style that encases your store.
  4. Change up the fonts-Don’t just simply use the same font for your entire title. I absolutely love fonts mixed together.
  5. Be sure your cover page conveys what your product is/does-this is only going to increase who looks at your item. Don’t overcrowd the cover, but make sure it states what subject and grade.

These fonts for this cover below are a great example of mixing it up! Good luck on your adventure! Stick around for more tips and tricks for becoming a star TpT seller!


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