5 Flea Market Hacks that will make you Money

When I was a kid, I had no interest in the flea markets. Why? Because my family never introduced me to them. I had no idea that you could get such unique finds at much cheaper prices. I didn’t realize until my early adult years that you could get so much awesome stuff for your home at the flea market whether they be for DIY projects or to use as is.

And whether you’re looking for some items for DIY, organization, or just to make your home a little more complete, you’ll probably find it at a flea market or even a yard sale!

Now below are some great tips I found from different posts I found online. I really appreciate the great content these lists have, so I thought I’d link to them and give credit to their awesome ideas for flea market finds and flips. Before I get started I want to add that one of the best paints you can use for redoing your items is chalk paint! It’s perfect for adding some color and rustic touches to your pieces and very easy to work with. Have fun!

25 Totally Transformative Flea Market Flip Ideas











I don’t know about you, but this rustic kitchen island found at a flea market sure makes me want to cut some fruits and veggies!

Flea Market Flips : Before and Afters

This lady is awesome. The table she repainted a light turquoise color is just gorgeous! Find the budget decorator

Farmhouse Decor from Repurposed Flea Market Finds

This is a very unique find from prodigal pieces. Everything to do with farm house decor here and unique ways to use items in your home at cheap prices.

34 Times Flea Market Finds Gained New Life as Upcycled Home Decor

Here’s another one from country living. These people are just so talented.

FLEA Market FLIP from HGTV

Okay, this is an HGTV show, but this article is a great place for great ideas! You don’t have to find the exact pieces featured in any of these articles to have the perfect piece. These ideas are for inspiration and if so be it, you happen to find an exact match, then you’re lucky.

Good luck with your flea market finds and flips!


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5 Creative Ways to Organize and Style your Craft Room

Let’s face it, we all enjoy our happy space which is usually our craft room. If your room is like mine, it ends up being the catch all. Yep, mine is right near the garage entryway and it catches everything. I want to take a stand and keep my room looking as extradinare as these! I tried to include links to some of the items found in these pictures! I hope you can go places with these ideas!

Grab some pegboard at Amazon below!

This craft room is just perfect, full of color and perfect for finding a place for your cricut. If you have one of those, sometime it feels like it sticks out like a sore thumb on your counter. With all the color that’s been incorporated here, you can see it blend right in.

From Something Turquoise

This is my favorite way to incorporate a cricut into a craft room. The turquoise shelf beside the desk is adorable.

Check into getting your first Cricut machine

From by Dawn Nicole

I love how this incorporates this old rolling cart in coral and I love the colors. The IKEA rolling cart is also a perfect addition to this room! Check into the IKEA rolling cart below. It’s somewhat hard to come by through IKEA due to the pricey shipping, but such a great addition!

from Craftaholics Anonymous 

I love how simple this is and yet so refined. It makes this room feel rustic, yet it would go with any style of home.

from Examined Existence

There’s a lot of green here, but I love how the old shutters were used for storage as well and the old window as decor is a great touch!

from I Pass You

I hope you can take some of these ideas and make your craft room your happy place! Take that craft room back and claim it as yours! Happy organizing!


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#1 Tip for an Amazing Aroma in your Home

Ever wonder how your neighbors do it? Or your sister-in-law does it? If you love candles, then keep reading. That sweet scent you smell right when you come home from a long day at work. You can smell it even when you haven’t been home for an entire day! Now that’s amazing. I actually have finally been able to achieve this goal of mine. The absolute best way to get your home to smell great is to go out and buy your very first Candle Berry Candle. Yes, I know, they’re expensive and you’re thinking I’m cra-cra right now. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The best scent they have that is my absolute favorite of all time is Hot Maple Toddy. It is absolutely the best southern scent I can think of. This scent gives your home a gorgeous scent that will last hours and sometimes days even if you haven’t burned the candle. These candles are amazing and you will love how they make your home smell. I’ve included a link straight to the Hot Maple Toddy scent for you. Enjoy!


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DIY Southern Bench for Entry Way

Sometimes decorating can be a bit overwhelming. It isn’t too overwhelming if you just focus on one area at a time. For instance, I focused a corner in my kitchen that was missing something. We needed a little more seating and a bench would fit perfect. This southern style bench is perfect for an entryway or to fill a space that needs a little love in the decor department. This bench is actually in my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. It really helps when we have company as well. You may be wondering where I found such a beauty. Let me just tell you, I looked high and low for something unique, ya know, something that wasn’t perfect in every way or made out of particle board. This bench is truly one of a kind because it was built by my husband as a birthday gift for my 30th.

I showed him a picture of something I sort of liked and he got busy sketching it out. He used pine to build the bench from the ground up and I absolutely love how it turned out. The stain we used on it was American Living that you can get at Lowes or Wal-Mart. I bought some pillow covers and the throw from Amazon and found the letter “B” at Hobby Lobby for $15. It’s actually decorated for Christmas here. The garland came from Joann’s when they were having a huge sell one year. The tree I actually found at Hobby Lobby as well for $5 during an after Christmas sell!

If you want these same pillow covers and the gray throw, you can find them on Amazon using the links below! This is exactly where I purchased all three from!

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5 Wooden Crate Projects for Storage and Style

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, try using your walls to add some more storage using wooden crates! This would work great in a kids room, a pantry area, entry ways, or even in a living room. If you own a store and want to give it a little more rustic appeal, this is the way to go especially right behind your cash register area. It would really draw attention to your shop.

You can find old used crates at Flea markets for pretty cheap. If you hit up antique shops you’re looking at spending a little more. Want something new? Try checking out craft stores such as Michael’s or Joann’s or even Home Depot. Amazon also offers these wooden crates unfinished for a descent price.

Kid book storage idea from Hellobee.com

DIY ironing station from craftaholicsanonymous.net

Bathroom towel shelving from Foliver.com

Stow your shoes away in style and rid yourself of that pile in the entry way from Goodhousekeeping.com

Entry way storage saves the day from countryliving.com

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Christmas Decorating made Easy

Do you need your decorating finished in one evening or day? If you answered yes to this and you hate to decorate, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created a list of what you’ll need to make your home look like a Christmas Inn without breaking the bank and killing yourself in the process.

Yes, I’ve started my decorating already! I am excited to say that I am finished and it only took me about four hours. Along with the help of my four year old, we were able to get all the wreath’s hung, the bench area decked out, the tree up and decorated, and my garland out. I’ve found some amazing inspirational pictures online and can’t wait to share my home with you as well! My moose pillows are absolutely my favorite. My mother-in-law purchased these for me from Kohl’s a few years back and I just love them!

What you’ll need:

Moose Pillows or flannel checkered pillows (Kohl’s)


White Strung Christmas lights for the tree (Wal-Mart, Target)

Anything Galvanized gives that rustic look

A variety of Garland’s (4 strands) (Joann’s, Hobby Lobby)-I use these over my doorways, around the fireplace, etc.

Christmas Picks for your table-I have mine in a wooden box (Hobby Lobby)

Christmas throw-red to throw over your couch (can find one anywhere)

Christmas colored rugs for the kitchen area

This is my lisnt and everything I have in my home which is right at 2,000 square feet and I feel that I have plenty of decor to make it feel like Christmas time is here. I wouldn’t mind to add a few items on top of my cabinets, but that costs money and those items can come with time.


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Honey Do List Just for You

We all have a lot of things going on in our lives and we just can’t seem to keep it together. I’ve got a million things on my honey do list. My poor husband. Owning a home puts a lot of pressure on both husband and wife. It can take up a lot of time just mowing the yard, keeping the garage clean, cleaning the pool, or even washing the house that hasn’t been washed in seven years. I have to keep a list to keep myself as well as my husband organized for each month. I simply get onto my Mac, go in Power Point and we fill out the month together of things we want to accomplish for that month. Sometimes we complete the items, sometimes we get most of them and sometimes we don’t get nearly enough completed, but this sure helps to keep us organized.

I’ve included the Honey Do List that we use! It’s completely editable for all y’all out there. All you need is some basic knowledge of Microsoft Power Point and you’re good to go! Have a great fall!

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DIY Entryway

I am absolutely obsessed with old furniture and I love to go to yard sales and antique places. I love when there is so many old, rustic items to look at that I get all jumpy inside and can’t contain myself. My ultimate goal is to decorate my entryway from our garage door into our kitchen which meets close to our back door. That was somewhat confusing. Long story short, we added onto our home (biggest DIY project ever for us by the way) and our house is laid out a little differently. So my hubby is currently working on building me an entryway bench (he can do anything with wood) that will go just wonderfully with my country styled home. I love to decorabenchte in rustic ways and I absolutely love to watch HGTV and all those other shows that teach me how to do things. They actually end up making me want to go on long adventurous hunts for furniture that I really don’t need. Laughing moment. My husband and I are absolutely in love with DIY projects. I truly hope that when my bench is complete, I can contain my excitement when posting a fresh picture to show all of you. I know he’s going to make it just the way I want it and I just can’t wait. Some really great places to shop for rustic furniture are:


TJ Maxx: this place is the most wonderful place in the world and it has some great finds!

Lowes is a great place as well as the Home Depot to buy your wood for those DIY projects!



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My Makeup Essentials

My makeup routine is pretty simple and gets the job done. I’m not a woman who likes to fork over a ton of money for things such as this, so I shop at my local Wal-Mart. I have to make myself look older than my age. Yes, I just said this, but weighing in at a hundred pounds, being 29 years old, and in the teaching profession just says it all right there. People often mistake me for a student in a group of fourth graders.

In my makeup bag, I use Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner (this is the best) and it stays on all day! This is also the eyeliner that Joanna Gaines uses and loves! My mascara is by L’oreal Paris. It takes a few minutes to dry, but works wonderfully. I’ve always used Covergirl Blush, it just works and goes on great for me especially when using my Real Techniques brushes (they are perfect and super high quality). My foundation that I use all the time is by Almay. It’s the TLC foundation and it sticks good for most of my school day. I also add the FIT Me powder and it’s sometimes on sale and super cheap. There you have it ladies. My makeup essentials at your finger tips!




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How to Start a Blog using WordPress and Bluehost

I’m Casey. The gal behind a DIY Kinda Life. I wanted to share my beginnings as a successful blogger as I feel that I went through so many avenues to get started. I’ve had so many ideas in the past, it’s unbelievable what I’ve done. I will go ahead and tell you, if your goals are to make money online, then you will need to spend a little money to make it. I spent years avoiding paying for hosting, etc., and I regret that move since I realize now I could’ve been ahead of the game a long time ago.

This has honestly been my most successful attempt at starting a website. I have been able to get my site going by starting with Bluehost. I have always been with the Blogger platform from day one and I have came to the realization through my experience with Bluehost and WordPress has been so much smoother. Of course, it took me a few extra days to catch on to the different ways of the WordPress world, but it was all worth it. I have a stunning website that my readers can easily navigate with no blogger platform problems.

Click here to start a WordPress blog through Bluehost. Through this link you will be given several offers to join a plan that Bluehost has. It does offer you the option to pay monthly, but you will be paying a lot more if you don’t sign up for the 12 month plan. They offer more signup options. Don’t be shy, at first I was skeptical, but I finally took the plunge and it has been well worth it. Bluehost is one of the top companies for website hosting of 2016 and I’m excited to offer you this same opportunity.

I will go ahead and tell you that going through WordPress can cost you a fee for a theme that fits your specific needs. Most themes range from $25 to $49 each, but there are thousands of free themes that WordPress offers (my very theme is free since I have my own domain) and they are it’s very professional looking! You can customize most to fit your needs. A premium theme is going to give you what you want exactly, no customizing required.

I hope that I’ve made your life easier in the web hosting world. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. The Bluehost customer service is also great to work with and they will answer any questions that you may have.

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